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We are trying to install OPNFV with Fuel (Brahmaputra). We've
recently set up a fuel master on a VM using ubuntu bridging and
virt-manager. Now the GUI is accessible and nodes are detected. Our
problem is with network configurations. We have just one NIC on fuel
master host (which the bridge br0 is assigned to) and one network
interface in fuel master VM. Other nodes are on bare metals. Nodes are
connected via the only gateway in the network that is unfortunately out of
our control: and a DHCP server is running on that!

To assign accessible IP addresses to nodes, we had to use the same network
and gateway for public network! We tried to isolate public network from
PXE network using different CIDRs and assigning different IP ranges. but
it seems not working!

(error detail is as follows:

When VLAN tagging is not checked for public network, it says
"some untagged networks are assigned to the same physical

And when VLAN tagging is checked, we got DHCP error: "Node Untitled
(a7:4f) discovered DHCP server via enp7s0 with following parameters: IP:, MAC: ... This server will conflict with the


I thought it is not obligatory to have more than one NIC on fuel
master, Am I right? If yes, how should we configure our PXE and public

The network configuration is as follows:

We had� needed to have
10.1.247.* as our public address.
Host 1 (the VM is running on this

IP: (br0 interface) , gateway: (A DHCP server is
running here. Because this node in not under our control, we cannot stop
DHCP. But we need this node as gateway)

Fuel Master: VM with IP (assigned to eth0, connected to br0), gateway
Host 2: Node1 as controller
(� was assigned to it)

Host 3: Node2 as compute (� was assigned to

PXE network:� mask:� , Pool: -

public network: CIDR:, IP range: -, gateway: (As we needed to access public network
and floating IPs externally, we had to use this gateway)

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