Hi Tim,

I am a contributor in yardstick.
I find two problems in yardstick apex ci:

1.    SSHTimeout, in the error log I find "SSHTimeout, Timeout waiting for 
''", the problem appear in os-onos-sfc-ha, os-onos-nofeature-ha, 
os-odl_l3-nofeature-ha scenarios.

In this test case, yardstick ssh a floating ip.I don know where this problem 
is. Could you please help me to check?

Details in: 

2.       OS_AUTH_URL is unset or empty, in the error log I find "scp: 
/home/stack/overcloudrc: No such file or directory", this problem appear in 
os-nosdn-ovs-noha, os-odl_l2-sfc-noha scenarios.

This problem occur when yardstick run "sudo scp $ssh_options 
root@$installer_ip:/home/stack/overcloudrc $dest_path"


Does the path not in the pod? Or any one modify it?
Details in: 

Chen jiankun
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