Hello David.

Further to your comment about "not hearing about the issues regarding 
commonality and how this is achieved within OPNFV", I would ask that you take a 
look at the GENESIS JIRA issue list.


In terms of discussion points - these are the issues that need to be resolved / 
an agreement on how we are going to do all this together (and how to handle 
when for whatever reason a person,project, tech piece, etc) cannot be aligned 
(and how the pharos, infra, projects and scenarios should handle such one-offs) 
are listed.

These have been growing and languishing for quite some time and since Genesis 
is not releasing in Colarado, -  I'm having a hard time rationalizing putting  
in work hours / idea and code towards the CI evolution and INFRA WG items, when 
as soon as they are submitted they are either to vertical (Silo/application for 
a single case) or are simply not relevant to all, because everyone is so far 
along doing their own thing.   As has been indicated several times through this 
release (open tickets on yourself, Heather, etc that sit unanswered) and 
previous release, its quite hard to put in work that we "know" is going to be 
pushed back since the first comment would be that it "doesn't apply to all / 
people do this differently).

Faith has brought this up several times as well with regards to RELENG.

I am not sure that INFRA WG (and definetaly not PHAROS) is the correct place to 
have this - since INFRA should not really be a "be-all to end-all" place for 
everything (and this extended beyond simply INFRA WG - marketing, 
documentation, how we "call things").

In the end, maybe trying for commonality is not a good goal (I don't know) - 
and that would be fine, so long as we start to build CI, RELENG, PHAROS< etc 
with the idea that each "installer" (and thus by proxy, feature, scenario and 
testing suite) will be unique in approach and code to meet this requirement.

Thank you for your attention on this matter.
Daniel Smith


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