I don’t see why we need a OPNFV policy on when earliest a stable branch could 
happen – please explain!

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I think that we've reduced the branch-related overhead in 'Danube' by closing 
the stable branch window just 10 days before the release, as opposed to about a 
month with Colorado.  My concern about individual projects deciding whether to 
branch is that I think that it creates some confusion about the location of the 
candidate release.  I think it's simpler and more predictable if we have a 
common process for all projects participating in the release.


On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 8:21 AM, Christopher Price 
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We are making some progress.

While I do agree with this: “I think projects should have autonomy over when 
branches are created.”.
I also think it is up to the release project to set the projects with the 
latest date to do it if they want to participate in any given release.  I think 
that’s essentially what we are trying to tune and optimize for everyone in this 

/ Chris

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    On 09/13/2016 06:42 AM, Frank Brockners (fbrockne) wrote:
    > one thing that we’ve not closed on in the discussion last Tuesday is the
    > stable-branching milestone. Per what Morgan and I elaborated on:
    > Branching occurs a lot of unnecessary overhead for projects which have a
    > single development stream only. Hence I’d like to propose that
    > ·       the branching milestones **prior** to the release should
    > **only** be applied to projects which do parallel development.
    > ·       All other projects would branch on the release date – so that we
    > have a proper maintenance branch.
    > Thoughts?

    I'm in favour of anything that removes process overhead from projects -
    I think projects should have autonomy over when branches are created.


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