I would like to nominate Manuel Buil as committer for the OPNFV SFC project.

Since OPNFV isnt really about commits, I wont bother listing his commits, although he has done alot of them for SFC in Fuel, Yardstick, ODL SFC, and Functest.

Manuel has been very active this release, and has achieved at least the following for OPNFV SFC:

1. Completed and fixed the Yardstick SFC test cases
2. Wrote new Functest SFC test cases
3. Created a cool, working SFC demo for the OPNFV summit in Berlin
4. Performed all of the troubleshooting and testing on the new Yi Yang
   OVS NSH patches for SFC
5. Created an even cooler SFC demo for the ODL summit in Seattle
     * You'll have to wait until the summit to see how this demo
       leverages NSH metadata

Can I please get a vote (-1, 0, +1) from the rest of the OPNFV SFC committers.

Want to meet him in person? He'll be at the ODL summit next week in Seattle demoing OPNFV SFC :)



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