hi Yujun,

Thanks for your email

this survey would help us to improve APAC slot.

Firstly, sorry for missing last APAC meeting.
I noticed that you had send email to remind us before the meeting , that 's 
great. I appreciate it.
That would be better if we can send a outlook invitaion to calendar before the 
meeting. As you said, we are not used to new meeting. I really forgot the 
meeting at that moment although I realized the APAC meeting would coming at the 
last tuesday.

My two cents


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主题:[testperf] weekly meeting APAC slot

Dear Testers and PTLs,

Few people have attended the weekly testperf meeting last Wednesday[1]. Perhaps 
we are not used to the new APAC timeslot yet.

I'm not sure if people have any concerns about it. Please share your opinion so 
we can make improvement.


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