Hi all,

A quick update in case some of this is useful to others. I updated the Models 
testing wiki page https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/models/testing with info on 
VNF tests in development.

*         Today I got the OpenStack Interop challenge lampstack blueprint 
(Ansible-based) running on JOID (nosdn scenario). This is a 4-VM deployment 
which will be a good target for a medium-complexity TOSCA blueprint, which I'll 
start working on. Prior to that I'll try it on an ODL based scenario as well. I 
think this would be a good test to integrate into Functest for Danube.

o   I'll probably use this blueprint as the basis for the VES demo I will do in 
OpenStack Barcelona, at the AT&T booth, unless I can get OpenWRT working (see 

*         The vHello ("Hello world") blueprint (TOSCA-based, using Tacker) is 
also working on JOID and Apex. I'm working on a similar one for Cloudify, 
currently working thru Cloudify install issues. The plan is to have these 
working in Functest for Danube also, as a smoke test for VNFMs.

*         I started development on OpenWRT deployment, not yet modeled (using 
bash scripts). I'd really like to get the help of anyone with experience on 
OpenWRT. I think this can make a really compelling "network function" test, vs 
the others which are mostly cloud apps running on OPNFV.

Bryan Sullivan | AT&T

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