AFAIK there is no such thing as a "requirement project" any more, just projects 
with various types of intent to produce one thing or another. Projects can have 
multiple types of intent to add value in OPNFV, e.g. gap analysis, testing, 
prototyping, platform feature development, upstream work motivating etc. All of 
that can be documented, and those documents can be published at release time or 
whenever a project wants.

But I think I know what you are asking anyway, which I would phrase as "for 
work in projects that does not result in OPNFV functional artifacts (tests, 
platform code), how do we know that this work is relevant to anyone outside 
OPNFV?". (note we could ask the same thing for even projects that *do* produce 
functional artifacts...)

IMO if we cared (not that I think we should, at least *too* strongly, if that 
takes our focus away from just getting stuff done), we could ask projects to 
post on their wiki home notes about the impact that they believe (and can 
evidence if possible) their work is having outside OPNFV. Anything more than 
that may begin to beg the question "who am I doing this for?" when projects 
consider the effort, e.g. if required (or strongly suggested) that JIRA tickets 
be created to track (and prove) upstream value.

For me, as PTL/lead in the Copper, Models, and VES projects I can sign up to 
doing that (post notes on the wiki home). Will that be enough?

Bryan Sullivan | AT&T

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Hello TSC Membrs

Several weeks ago as part of the inclusion of Requirements Projects,  I asked 
how we know that people are looking at what we are producing in Requirements 
projects and how we (OPNFV) ensure that deliverables from Requirements projects 
are being reviewed and taken into account upstream (from an OPNFV overall 

Would any of you be able to shed some light on this?  The current impression 
that I have is we have the docs that sit in a repo and that's it.

Thank you


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