I added three topics to that page:

·         Creating VNF blueprint tests: approaches to creating automated 
scripts that install VNFMs, blueprints, lifecycle-manage them, etc.

·         Integrating VES agent code into your VNFs.

·         Hacking policies thru Congress.

Bryan Sullivan | AT&T

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co-located Hackfest


A reminder that you can now register for the 2nd OPNFV Plugfest at 

Also, as was discussed on the TSC call last week, the Q4 Hackfest will be 
co-located with the Plugfest.  Under the Plugfest wiki, I created a Hackfest 
planning page at 

During our first plugfest, we had some great sessions led by project team 
members from testing and installer projects and those are good examples of 
hacking sessions that we could repeat at UNH-IOL.  Please add your 
topic/session ideas to the wiki page.


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