In this weeks' meeting, Frank Brockners will present the OPNFV Fast Data Stacks project with the intention of helping us integrate Fast Data Stacks with OPNFV SFC.

The main goal of the OPNFV Fast Data Stacks project is to integrate OpenStack with the VPP virtual switch. is an alternative to OVS. Besides the fact that they claim to be 100 times faster than OVS, I think its a very interesting alternative to OVS since they already have NSH implemented. Their main motto is "We merge patches!".

So, come prepared with your questions, as this is something I would like to achieve in the OPNFV SFC Danube release.

Here are some items we need to figure out in the meeting:

 * We need to see the impacts the integration will have on the
   installers (see next point).
 * Scenarios
     o Would we need another scenario for this integration, or is it
       enough with an installation choice: OVS or
 * Frank says they already use FuncTest, so it should be easy to add
   additional tests for SFC.
 * Classifiers
     o ODL Group Based Policy already works with
     o As I understand it, ODL Netvirt is designed to only work with OVS
 * Application Coexistence: This is not an issue in
 * ODL SFC already has a VPP renderer, so no major changes needed



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