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As noted today on the IRC for the Infra call:
bryan_att> Bryan Sullivan 
#info<https://www.irccloud.com/#%21/ircs://irc.freenode.net:6697/%23info> We 
should have a discussion on the MANO WG re the need for scenarios for MANO 
testing. IMO as noted we should have no direct dependency upon any scenario. 
MANO components can be installed and uninstalled, replaced, etc dynamically as 
part of test scripts or post-install scripts.
<bryan_att> Bryan Sullivan 
#info<https://www.irccloud.com/#%21/ircs://irc.freenode.net:6697/%23info> As 
noted in the Models project we will be doing this for a variety of MANO stack 
components, both to install them (a reusable capability) and then to test them 
for specific features e.g. TOSCA blueprint compatibility, from onboarding, 
deployment, lifecycle management, etc.
8:49 AM 
#info<https://www.irccloud.com/#%21/ircs://irc.freenode.net:6697/%23info> So 
far we have developed support for Tacker and Cloudify, and OpenBaton, 
ARIA+JuJu, OSM, etc all can be addressed if we have time resources. These 
should all run on any scenario.
#info<https://www.irccloud.com/#%21/ircs://irc.freenode.net:6697/%23info> How 
to handle MANO can be discussed within MANO WG and MANO WG can come up with a 
common way of handling these
8:50 AM
<bryan_att> Bryan Sullivan 
#info<https://www.irccloud.com/#%21/ircs://irc.freenode.net:6697/%23info> and 
of course, very soon (I hope) OpenECOMP!

*         I started a MANO WG wiki page for the discussion at Integrating MANO 
Components in 
 Some initial thoughts are shown there in a table that we can co-edit:



MANO stack component integration does not require new scenarios

VIM NBI provide a clean interface allowing MANO stack components to be added 
post-deploy, e.g. as we do today with vIMS, or as the Models project is doing 
for various VNFM/NFVO components. Exceptions might include MANO projects that 
depend (for some unclear/poor reason!) on a specific version/fork of a VIM.

Multiple MANO stack components can coexist in a single OPNFV deploy

MANO components, even those that offer the same/overlapping functions, can 
coexist as NBI consumers on OPNFV. Good use cases for this include interim 
phases toward a truly converged future, in which a SP may need to use various 
VNFMs that work with a particular VNF/service modeling toolset. In that case 
multiple MANO component deployment will be expected to work.

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