Trevor - Thanks for the early heads-up, some SLA/sanity requests from me below:

I require that there will be a pre-staging environment that we can test prior 
to shifting this change into production environment. This is to avoid OPNFV 
production discontinuity as experienced before.
If you could provide a pre-staging dummy area - which the community
could evaluate before the production upgrade is exercised we could likely 
out-rule issues with upgrades we have seen in the past.
Me - Jonas Bjurel, and others in my team: Stefan Berg, Fatih Degirmency - would 
be happy to smoke-test the pre-staging environment!
Other obvious things around change-management: Complete back-up, 24/7 
preparedness on roll-back, communication on the changes and any measures needed 
by the consumers of the service, and of course logging of everything 
performed/issues during the evaluation of the change, and from the change it 

Me and others are happy to help such that these changes flow seamlessly work - 
going forward.

Hope this helps!

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Subject: [Infra-steering] OPNFV Maintainance: 2016-10-16 @ 08:00 PDT (14:00 UTC)


The Linux Foundation will be performing maintenance on the following
services: Gerrit


  2016-10-16 @ 08:00 - 09:00 PDT (14:00 - 15:00 UTC)


  The OPNFV Gerrit server configuration needs to be updated to fix the
  following issues:

   - Automatic Stale Patchset (> 6 months) Abandonment
   - Login names with uppercase characters required to be typed in all

  These changes requires a restart of Gerrit.


  Trevor Bramwell <>
  Aric Gardner <>


  Gerrit ( will experience a brief outage as it
  is restarted.
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