Hi all,

This is going out to anyone that wants to contribute to, follow, or will be 
interacting with the Copper project in Danube. The wiki page 
https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/copper/Release+Plan and JIRA Kanban board 
have been updated and will be finalized for this release by the end of next 
week. Here's a summary of the plans:

*         Deployment support via Fuel, for all scenarios, with Functest 

*         Upstreaming current installer support via JuJu and Puppet.

*         Deployment support via Compass, for all scenarios, with Functest 

*         Deployment of the Congress Horizon plugin.

*         HA support for the Congress service.

*         Additional policy test use cases.

*         Dovetail integration for Congress test cases.

*         Further development of the Congress test webapp, e.g. library of 
policies with application via the Congress REST API.

*         Further integration of Congress as a service supporting other OPNFV 
projects, as desired by those projects, e.g.

o    VES: integration of Congress with the VES Collector, through a VES 
database driver.
I encourage your review and expression of intent to participate (especially my 
co-committers!), where possible. I'll even be happy to pass the PTL role off to 
whoever has the hankering to take it on... not much overhead really, and you 
can be sure that I'll still be driving specific work forward on the project as 
a committer. If you want to get some experience as PTL and collaborate actively 
on this project, let me know. Otherwise I will continue in that role.

Also - Aimee Ukasick (who has joined my team at AT&T) will be getting involved 
with mostly upstream focus on some of the Congress items. Please join me in 
welcoming Aimee to the project! She will be at the OpenStack Barcelona event 
with a slot speaking at the Women of OpenStack meetup, and getting to know the 
OPNFV team who is there.

Bryan Sullivan | AT&T

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