That sounds good. Let's talk more about this in our meeting today.

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Hi Reddy , yunhong and all,

    Based on our last meeting, we talked about the new use cases about running 
the practical application. My team have wireless communication application that 
could run in the VM based in KVM. This application is a set of LTE stack that 
could run as an VNF in the NFV framework. This application has already worked 
in the openstack environment in our lab. For this application could be tested 
on the OPNFV platform, maybe we could reform this application program into an 
common application that could be an workload in the platform. We hope the 
reformed application could reflect the performance requirement that wireless 
communication ask for the virtualization layer.
    Hope the detailed discussion could be made in tomorrow meeting.

Best wished
-Ren Rongwei


From: Reddy, Raghuveer<>
Date: 2016-10-13 13:00
CC: Reddy, Raghuveer<>
Subject: [opnfv-tech-discuss] [KVM] Weekly meeting for KVM enhancements for NFV 
- Agenda 10/12/2016

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