A follow-up on  the OPNFV Meetup in Seoul on November 11th (Friday).  If
you are interested in attending the first meetup in Asia, you can register
at  We also have a wiki page:



On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 9:24 PM, Raymond Paik <>

> All,
> This will be one of the agenda topics at the next TSC meeting (on 9/27)...
> Over the past couple of years, OPNFV has sponsored Bits-N-Bites tables at
> a few IETF events.  For the upcoming IETF 97 in Seoul, we're looking at
> ways to get involved in the Hackathon (see
> hackathon/97-hackathon.html).
> I think there are a number of topics that could be of interest to both
> IETF and OPNFV communities such as:
> VSPERF/Virtual Switching performance
> VPP/FastDataStacks/ related topics
> Models/Parser/Netconf/YANG
> SDN VPN/BGP Peering
> Security
> NetReady/Gluon
> I know many OPNFV community members also attend IETF meetings, so wanted
> to ask those who are planning to be at IETF 97 if anyone would be
> interested in being a "champion" for a hackfest session (related to above
> topics or others).  As you can see on the Hackathon link, there are some
> preparation activities that are involved in addition to leading the hacking
> activities over Saturday/Sunday.
> In addition to the Hackathon, we're also looking into hosting an OPNFV
> meetup on Friday at the same venue for community members in the region and
> anyone else interested in OPNFV.
> Thanks,
> Ray
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