Hello community,

Thank you everyone for the great discussion of licensing and external repo on 
Thursday Oct 13. The meeting minutes is available at 
https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/PROJ/tc+minutes+20161013, which lists the 
attendees and a link to IRC minutes 

In order to maximize the possibility of allowing one person to attend multiple 
meetings, Margaret and I tentatively planned to have technical community 
meeting and Polestar WG meeting in alternate weeks. However, change is always 
faster than plan:

-          SFQM project intends to discuss expanding the scope of project, and 
changing the project name. I understand it is quite important for the project 
to participate in D Release - MS1 is Oct 25.

-          OPNFV Architecture discussion is also another important topic that 
TSC wanted to hear technical community's discussion so that Frank can report to 
joint TSC and Board meeting on Oct 28.

Under this circumstance, I think we may have to still have our technical 
community meeting on Oct 20 to discuss SFQM and OPNFV architecture. It means 
that technical community meeting and Polestar WG meeting will be running in 
parallel on Oct 20. Logistically, it is fine because we use different GTM 
account. However, for those who are interested in attending both, you need to 
find your backup person for another meeting.

I hope the impact is minimum, because the nature of technical community 
discussion is at project level and working level, while Polestar WG discussion 
is at strategic level of future vision and work.

Thank you and have a great weekend

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