Attached you will find the slide deck I talked about. Basically the quagga VM 
is just a forwarder and we do simulate an external datacenter GW.

Br Nikolas

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Subject: [SDNVPN] Call for work item proposals and contributions for Danube 

Dear all,

The SDNVPN project is currently planning the work to be done in the Danube 
release. If you are interested in using/shaping the SDNVPN feature of OPNFV, 
please let us know your use case for consideration. If you are interested in 
making a contribution to the project, please let us know too.

Please respond on this thread or come to our weekly project meeting (Mondays, 
16:00 UTC). Visit our Wiki for more information 

The background of this request is that we are planning to change our way of 
working from Danube onwards. So far, we were driven by the use cases and 
features supported by our main upstream communities and focused on pulling a 
working system together, stabilizing auto-deployment and putting basic testing 
in place. Now that this is basically done, we think it's the right time to 
start identifying and prioritizing use cases from OPNFV community perspective 
and take that as the primary input to our prioritization.

Along with the use case we also plan to take an inventory of desired stack 
configuration options, so in case you have input on that please let us know too.

Best regards,


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