Minutes of Bottlenecks Discussion on October 13, 2016

  *   Date and Time
     *   Thursday at 
 UTC, October 13, 2016
     *   Thursday at 0900-1000 Beijing, October 13, 2016
     *   Wednesday at 1800-1900 PDT, October 13, 2016
  *   Minutes
     *   Yang Yu
  *   Participants (4 peoples):
     *   Yang Yu
     *   Li Yin
     *   Li Mingjiang
     *   Lu Jing

  *   Bottlenecks Colorado Discuss
  *   The proposed POSCA Test Suite in Bottlenecks (Draft)
     *   The Proposals (Draft)
     *   Metrics & Tools Discussion (Draft)
     *   Test Results and Test Cases Discussion
     *   POSCA in Bottlenecks D Release
Discussion & Action Item

1.         Bottlenecks Colorado Discuss

  *   An action item is assigned to Yang to refractor the release note and keep 

2.         The proposed Posca Test Suite in Bottlenecks (Draft)

  *   The Planned D release date is March 27 2017
     *   https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/SWREL/D-Release
  *   An action item is assigned Yang from release meeting to update the D 
release plan summary template
     *   https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/bottlenecks/Release+Plan
  *   POSCA D release plan is discussed
     *   Test Framework, Yardstick joint design/develop/debugging; CI Jobs
     *   Test Cases: System bandwidth; TX/RX cache size; TX/RX package size; 
CPU Burden; Dashboard/Report; Demos for Plugfest; CLI;
        *   Yin ask that what kind of dashboard will be used
           *   Yang replies that currently some graphing tool to display the 
testing result
           *   Kibana seems like a good choice
  *   Yang briefly go through the metrics/sets categories that developed in the 
design phase
     *   Some metrics are listed in the following web page
        *   https://cloud.google.com/monitoring/api/metrics
     *   A page should be created in the slides deck of POSCA in Bottlenecks D 
        *   Since currently netperf is used, the testing logic is based on 
        *   Metrics sets listed in the slides are not used currently.
  *   Yang introduces the proposed Posca (Parametric Bottlenecks Testing 
Catalogue) test suite
     *   Posca currently has 3 test stories
        *   Facter Test: base test cases that Feature test and Optimization 
will be dependant
        *   Feature Test: test cases for features/scenarios
        *   Optimization Test: test to optimize the system parameter
     *   Yang mentioned that feature test should be added.
        *   Factor test and feature test are current focus
        *   System Bandwidth Bottleneck test case as the first step

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