Hi Yingjun,

I'm interested in the Opera Project, and some developers from ZTE may also 
join in.


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日期:   12/02/2016 02:38 AM
主题:   OPERA is calling for developers for Open-O integration

Dear All
OPERA project is aiming to integrate Open-O with OPNFV D release. 
Currently the team is preparing for the OPNFV Plugfest, the very first 
step toward the integration. The scope is limited to Open-O with OpenStack 
Mitaka and vIMS integration. 
The following integration with D release is more broad, and you are very 
welcome to join us to accomplish the goal. Here are the plan.
1.       Deploying Open-O over OpenStack Newton release
2.       Preparing Scenario for integration (os-nosdn-nofeature-ha) 
3.       Participating OPNFV CI/CD process by
a.       Automating Open-O building process
b.      Integrating Open-O build process and deployment with Compass
c.       Integrating Open-O testing scripts with FuncTest
4.       Using vIMS as use case to deploy relating VNFs
5.       Automating vIMS test cases
If anyone gets interested in join the Opera project, please let me know.
Best Regards!
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