Hi Morgan,

it might well be that there is no one answer to your question – especially for 
those scenarios which are leading edge and actively drive development upstream 
(i.e. in ODL and HoneyComb). In addition, given the sister relationship between 
ODL and Honeycomb, model updates go hand in hand – which drive another version 
For FDS, we plan for an effort similar to what we’ve done for Danube: Once 
we’re getting closer to the E-release, we’ll try to harmonize on a single 
version of ODL, i.e. we’ll try to harmonize on a pre-release version of 
Nitrogen – but for the time being, you’ll find different scenarios using 
different versions of ODL (sometimes even dedicated builds, e.g. as used for 
the GBP-Netvirt PoC or for the fdio-dvr scenario), also due to the fact that 
Karaf-4 migration isn’t yet done for all the components.

Regards, Frank

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Subject: [OPNFV] ODL target Release for Euphrates


I did not find the list of the target versions for the main components 
integrated in Euphrates version.
it would make sense to explicitely reference them on one of the wiki pages 
dedicated to the release https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/SWREL/Euphrates

In functest, we need to know it.
Cedric consolidated Functest in order to manage properly the upstream 
dependencies (including clients/tooling/lib needed for testing relatively to 
upstream components) and introduced a clean packetization, which is key for an 
integration project.

At the moment, the only ODL version reference we found was beryllium-sr4, which 
is pretty old.

According to https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/SWREL/Euphrates+Scenario+Status
scenario owners dealing with ODL are:
- Frank (Apex ∩ Fdio)
- Tim Inrich (Apex ∩ bgpvpn)
- Brady (not sure the page is up to date....) / Manuel (Apex ∩ Sfc)
- Georg (not sure it is up to date....) Apex ∩ gluon
- Tim Rozet (Other Apex scenarios)
- Ruan He (Compass ∩ moon)
- Justin (Other Compass scenarios)
- Zhiang (Daisy ∩ moon)
- Michael (Fuel/MCP)

could you confirm the target version for ODL?


note: no scenario ODL with joid referenced in the page.


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