Georg sent an email on Friday June 2nd that NetReady withdrew from E Release:


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Subject: [opnfv-tech-discuss] [OPNFV] Copper, Opera (and Multisite, Netready) 
status for Euphrates (Functest integration)


as Functest is currently integrating the feature projects - see several pending 
patches including a better control of the requirements, I had questions on the 
status of some feature projects that used to be integrated in Functest in 
previous versions

according to
(not fully up to date..some PTLs changes and some projects do not exist 
anymore), Copper and Opera (open-O/ vIMS) will not be part of Euphrates

@Aimee: does copper skip the release and intend to be back in future releases, 
or does it mean that the project may deal with the termination process?

@Yingjun: same question for Opera

@Joe: same question for multisite (TSC vote for termination of the project 

Concretely shall we spend effort in integration?

Note Netready is identified as part of the release, but as far as I remember a 
mail from Georg, it was not the case (no activity since Q2




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