Following up on this thread while David is out...

Another reminder that the new MS5 date is in a few days (Friday/August
11th).  I also reached out to PTLs who had filed an exception request for
the original MS5 date a few weeks ago and heard back from 3 project teams
that they're on track for this Friday.  If you can help keep me informed of
your progress with the Jenkins job link or Gerrit patches adding scenarios
to CI, that'd be great.

If you need to file an exception, please go to the exception request wiki
an exception request (you could edit the earlier request posted for your
project or create a new one).



On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 11:13 AM, David McBride <
> wrote:

> Team,
> Per the revised schedule <>,
> approved by the TSC earlier this week, Milestone 5 is in one week, on
> August 11.
> Here's a summary of the requirements:
>    - Completion of scenario integration for projects that rely on
>    scenarios for deployment.  The scenario deployment must be represented in a
>    Jenkins job running on OPNFV CI.
>    - Feature freeze for all projects.  This means that all planned
>    features have been implemented and the code has been committed to your
>    project repo.  From this point forward, all coding should be related to
>    test case implementation or bug fixing.
> As you know, we implemented a milestone exception process
> <>
> earlier this year.  So, if you are unable to meet the requirements of this
> milestone, you will have the option of submitting a milestone exception
> request, or withdrawing from the release.
> I will be on vacation the next two weeks, so please contact Ray Paik if
> you have any questions or concerns.
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