Dear POD owners,

According to the discussion in the TSC in March and in the Plugfest meeting
in Paris, in Euphrates release, all the PODs will provide PDF(Pod
Description File) files in securedlab repo.  The PDF will be consumed by
the all the installers to deploy and will be used in the pharos dashboard( and maybe testapi(
They also will be consumed by the scenario(DF) in dynamic CI in the next

I find your name in wiki page , and your PODs are
still active. Please correct me if I make some mistakes.

Ericsson, Intel, LF and ZTE have submitted patches to provide their PDFs
and I wonder what's your plan and the target.

The PDFs submitted already can be founded in;a=tree, this link
is only can be viewed by lab owners(labs listed in pharos documents
currently) and infra working group members.

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