As you know, the SFC project is currently testing openstack master,
that means we need to use functest master in order to consume the
lastest patches in the projects we use. Unfortunately, in the last
weeks, we wasted quite some time trying to understand why suddenly the
tests were not able to run and the cause was a change in the master
branch of functest. For example, we are using the function "timethis"
from functest_utils, which was removed by this patch: https://github.co
b5f06ecfb223c80624f432ef33cf1fdd and suddenly our tests are not working
and we don't know whether there is an alternative.

Functest is the framework we use for our tests and ideally, we (SFC
project) would like to get some heads up before that change is done, so
that we are warned and we don't have to waste time investigating what
changed. I guess the same could be applied to other core testing
frameworks like Yardstick. However, this is complicated and I am not
sure if there is a good solution to achieve that level of communication
without impacting the efficiency of funcatest/yardstick/...
development. I have some ideas:

A) Functest/Yarstick leave the old functionality for a week adding a
log saying "This is going to be deprecated, please check this patch:

B) Add gates in functest/yardstick projects which run tests of their
customer projects (as in, SFC is a customer of functest). This way,
projects could be warned on time

C) Do nothing. Sorry, this is the consequence of consuming
functest/yardstick master

D) ??

>From what I heard in the TSC, Apex is going to join the XCI philosophy
and allow working with the tip of master, so it seems to me that more
functest and potentially yardstick users are going to hit this problem,
that's why I believe it could be a good time to discuss possible

Please don't get me wrong, I am not trying to blame functest (or
yardstick), I just want to share the problems we are having with the
current ways of working and try to find a solution :) 

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