Thanks, Harry.

I’m confused, however.  This browser page points to
Shouldn’t I be connecting to a local IP address of the ONAP portal running on

> On Feb 12, 2018, at 9:03 PM, huangxiangyu <> wrote:
> Hi Joe
> Here‘s the link to access ONAP portal built in pod1 of UNH Laas lab:
> <>
> You will see a noVNC login page, password is “password”, then you will see a 
> desktop and I already opened the browser so you should find the main page of 
> ONAP portal just there.
> This ONAP on Kubernetes is not connected to an OpenStack yet so I think most 
> likely we have to tear down this ONAP and redeploy it when there is a VIM 
> ready to be connected.
> Sorry Gokul, I didn’t get your email address. Joe or Tina, can you help to 
> add Gokul to this loop? thanks.
> I will be on Chinese new year vacation during 2.14 to 2.22 but I will check 
> the mail time to time, we can keep discussion on this thread.
> Regards
> Harry

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