Following-up on this as we didn't have sufficient time for discussion
during this week's TSC and we wanted to continue the conversation over

For additional context, please look at notes that several community members
contributed to on this topic at

There was a strong consensus to move away from committers as constituents
for both nominations & voting in TSC elections.  That's how we arrived at
looking at several tools to identify "active contributors" (of code &
non-code) in OPNFV.  As I mentioned on the call, the proposal is for PTLs
to have an input on the active contributors list that is generated in case
people fall through the cracks.  No matter which metrics we chose, it's not
going to be perfect....



On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 10:12 PM, Raymond Paik <>

> All,
> This is for the TSC composition discussion on Tuesday.
> As was discussed previously
> <>,
> there was a consensus to look at a "union of contributions" across various
> tools in OPNFV including Git, Gerrit, JIRA, and Confluence.  For example,
> we talked about people making a total of 50 or 100 contributions across all
> tools over a 12 month period as the constituent for the TSC election.
> In the attached, you'll see the data point across the 4 tools in 2017.  In
> the last tab, you'll also find a comparison of "top 50 contributors" across
> the tools.  Although there are some exceptions, you'll see that active
> contributors are active across all 4 tools.  One of the concerns was that
> we want to be inclusive to recognize non-code contributions and you'll see
> a high number of non-code contributors in both Gerrit and Jira.
> In terms of a threshold, 100 annual contributions seems like a good
> starting point.  As a point of reference, the following shows the number of
> people that made 100 or more contributions in each tool.  (Based on this,
> we'll have a minimum of 112 people eligible for the TSC election as we have
> 112 people that made 100 or more contributions to Gerrit alone)
>    - Gerrit: 112
>    - Git: 30
>    - JIRA: 36
>    - Wiki: 4
> If we go to 50 annual contributions, I don't necessarily think there'll be
> a significant increase in the pool and following is the breakdown.
>    - Gerrit: 137
>    - Git: 51
>    - JIRA: 62
>    - Wiki: 8
> Please feel free to reply with any thoughts or feedback.  This will be
> discussed further during the TSC call.
> Thanks,
> Ray
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