I am more concerned with yardstick HA test cases on Kubernetes 
scenarios,especially those testcases that though kill openstack service to 
implement HA test,such as
yardstick TC019(Nova),TC045(Neutron), TC046(Keystone), TC047(glance), 
TC048(Cinder), TC049(Swift). As far as I know in Kubernetes scenarios openstack 
service dispersed in one or more docker containers,and usually these docker 
containers cann't be directly login,that is to say yardstick cann't though ssh 
login containers to kill the specified progress such nova,neutron.  I have met 
this problem before ,so now does yardstick HA test support k8s scenarios or 
does yardstick have solution to deal with this problem?

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We now have support for testing Kubernetes scenarios in both Functest and 
Yardstick.  If you are deploying a Kubernetes scenario, please make sure that 
you are taking advantage of these test frameworks.  We should not have any 
Kubernetes scenarios that are not tested in CI by one, or both, of these 

If you have questions, Cedric Ollivier (Functest) or Ross Brattain (Yardstick) 
will be happy to provide you guidance.  


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