Hi Sridhar,

two notes regarding development updates from my side:

1)      CI is still not working - details in INFRA-215 and INFRA-220 (@Trevor - 
could you help us with these issues?)

2)      I've 3 patches at OPNFV gerrit waiting for review. My college Richard 
Elias has prepared a patch to enhance "--test-params" functionality and to 
compare (optional) results of several tests in tabular form. Patch will be send 
for review in next days.

Best Regards,

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Subject: [vsperf] Agenda for VSPERF weekly meeting - 07 Mar 2018 (ww58)



  1.  Development Updates .
  2.  Recap of last week's discussion - action review.
  3.  VSPERF results Plotting  - Yardstick-Grafana. (Jose, you can share your 
  4.  This week's discussion: VSPERF and Cloud-native NFV (Containerized NFV). 
We need Your inputs !!

Today's meeting would be chaired by Trevor Cooper.

Meeting minutes

  *   WW57 
  *   WW56 
  *   WW55 

Time: Wednesday UTC 16h00, Ireland (UTC) 16h00, PST 8h00 (UTC/GMT -8)

IRC: freenode https://freenode.net/ channel: #opnfv-vswitchperf 

Audio: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/391235029
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Phone numbers from other countries are here ... 

Sridhar K. N. Rao (Ph. D)

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