Hi Pierre,

Thanks a lot for all these information! I have subscribed your new email to the 
test-wg email list: https://lists.opnfv.org/mailman/listinfo/test-wg. I will 
send you the password in another mail.

I echo that it is a great idea to involve dovetail in ETSI Plugtest and we 
should start our pre-testing now.
From what I know, the release set and optional set (draft) of test cases of 
Dovetail has already included some tests from Funtest, Yarstick and Bottlenecks.
As to other test cases from our testing projects, we should also need the 
feedbacks before the weekend.
We could dicuss it at tomorrow's Testperf meeting.

Moreover, I could not find the registration link for ETSI plugtest. It is said 
on the website that the registration ends at March 31st.
Could you also help with that? Thanks a lot!


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主题: Re: Guideline for participants //RE: Discussion about Fraser 
Plugfest/Plugtest from Testperf
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Hello all,

First: looks like I am not subscribed to the test-wg list, so my last email 
bounced back to me. I didn’t find it on the OPNFV mailing lists site….can 
someone please subscribe me to that? New email: 

I spoke with Silvia Almagia, the Plugtest organizer at ETSI.

  *   I told her about the plan to brainstorm in the community which scenarios 
(features) could be brought to the Plugtest. It will be like I described: each 
scenario would be listed as a separate platform for scheduling purposes.
  *   There is no formal process to insert test cases directly into the test 
plan. It’s done by suggesting and discussing it on the Plugtest email list, and 
then discussing it during the weekly meeting. There are people who will help to 
format it correctly, etc.
     *   In order to do this, you need to be registered to the Plugtest.
     *   The test case should involve interoperability. That’s the goal of the 
Plugtest, so it should involve the three functional blocks: Platform 
     *   If it doesn’t meet the criteria above, it can still be done in a 
separate track
  *   Dovetail
     *   We can include a separate (optional) track to have Dovetail testing at 
the Plugtest. I can introduce it to the team at a weekly meeting, and then we 
can start planning it. This would likely involve finding out who of the 
platform vendors would like to attempt it

The most important point: time is getting critical. If a VPN connection to HIVE 
is necessary, it takes a bit of time. Plus there is pre-testing to be done 
between now and the Plugtest event itself. We really need to get moving with 

Best Regards,


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Subject: Re: Guideline for participants //RE: Discussion about Fraser 
Plugfest/Plugtest from Testperf

Sorry for not responding... I'm having a meeting with ETSI today to talk about 
this. I'll report back on this thread.


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Hi Pierre,

It was nice talking with you at ONS2018 about OPNFV testing projects 
participating ETSI plugtest.
I just want know that is there any guideline or link, so that we could choose 
to register our test cases/projects before the event?
I guess some of our projects may want to participate this time.


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Subject: Discussion about Fraser Plugfest/Plugtest from Testperf


OPNFV Fraser Plugfest and ETSI plugtest will be co-held on June 4-8 in France.
From OPNFV test working group side, we would like to discuss about our mutual 
testing needs, and how to get wider participant/thorough tests during the event.
I also created a etherpad link to document our discussion, plans and 
Feel free to edit!

The topic has been added to today’s testperf meeting, please be joining the 

Note that we have switched to Zoom to hold our meeting. The new meeting room is 

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