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Here is the edge automation use case we made in Auto Project in OPNFV.



ID      Auto-UC-01

Service Provider's Management of Edge Cloud

Description     As an NFV edge service provider, I need an edge platform that 
is both efficient (in terms of control/automation overhead) and largely 
autonomous for VNFs once launched. Thus ability to deploy the minimal subset of 
ONAP functions needed for autonomy under typical VNF lifecycle events, e.g. 
start, stop, scale, recover from faults, collect/process telemetry, ...
Primary Actor (s)

  1.  Service Provider
  2.  Cloud control plane and automation platform


  1.  hardware environment in which Edge cloud may be deployed
  2.  a Edge cloud has been deployed and is ready for operation
  3.  ONAP has been deployed onto a cloud and is interfaced (ie provisioned for 
API access) to the Edge cloud

Main Success Scenario (s)

  *   lifecycle management - start, stop, scale (dependent upon telemetry)
  *   recovering from faults (detect, determine appropriate response, act); ie 
exercise closed-loop policy engine in ONAP
     *   verify mechanics of control plane interaction
  *   collection of telemetry for machine learning

Alternate Scenarios     Test with Cloudify
Exception Scenarios     none
Post Conditions undefinded
JIRA Traceability

 - Define Auto-UC-01 Service Provider's Management of Edge Cloud DONE

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Proposed Agenda:

  1.  Permanent time for meetings: Mondays 9am est is proposed by multi parties
  2.  Review the Edge scoping doc/updates
  3.  Clarify where/what is Edge (tentatively, a gold star has been awarded to 
one :-)..but, could be awarded to more!)
  4.  ONAP specific aspects/scoping doc addressed this?
  5.  Review the list of docs submitted
  6.  Open discussion for follow up topics with priorities

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Vara (Nokia - US/Irving); Akula, Ramanjaneyul Reddy (Nokia - US/Irving);<>
Subject: Edge Automation through ONAP
When: Friday, April 06, 2018 10:00 AM-11:00 AM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & 
Where: (will move to ONAP zoom shortly)

Proposed Agenda for the first couple of weeks

  *   Problem Statement

  *   Clarify where/what is Edge (tentatively, a gold star has been awarded to 
one :-)..but, could be awarded to more!)
  *   ONAP specific aspects?

  *   Review of Contributions

Ramki & Raghu

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