Hello Morgan,

Would it be possible to switch to OPNFV Functest latest containers (several 
runs) ?
We have updated all OPNFV Functest test cases for Gambia Release (N+1) and we 
need a reference (and stable) platform to get a real overview.

From the time being, only Compass is currently providing interesting results 
(most installers are only running OPNFV Functest Fraser).
It seems that we are getting the same results between OPNFV Functest Fraser and 
Gambia (e.g. highlighting same bugs about Compass).

It should be noted that refstack_defcore is temporarily disabled.
It simply doesn’t meet OpenStack Queens requirements (refstack-client is 
hardcoded to testr).

We could expect a full success vs Orange ONAP Openlab which is already fully 
verified by OPNFV Functest Fraser.

Even if OpenStack Pike has been deployed, it should be fine thanks to backward 
compatibility enforced by OpenStack.

Thank you in advance for your help,

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Objet : RE: [OPNFV] [Fraser] Fraser Functest run on Orange ONAP Open lab

Hello Morgan,

Thank you very much for your help.
All tests done via ONAP OpenLab has been very helpful throughout the F-release 
by providing the quickest feedbacks.

We are checking if Functest testcases have to complete Snaps’ garbage 
collectors for floating ips.
That would explain this remaining resources.

Yes,  we will target live testing for the next release.

About the reuse of OPNFV in ONAP, Xtesting has been synchronized to Queens this 
morning (opnfv/xtesting:latest).
Onap Healthcheck container could inherit from opnfv/xtesting:fraser if it needs 
requirements synchronized with OpenStack Pike.

Functest (master) could switch to Queens as well in order to get first 
feedbacks before next MS0.


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Objet : [OPNFV] [Fraser] Fraser Functest run on Orange ONAP Open lab


for information, we switched to the fraser version for our daily test on our 
ONAP OpenLab, a communit lab for ONAP users.
Even if the lab is used by ONAP contributors for ONAP testing, we are reusing 
Functest test suites to be sure that the infrastructure supporting ONAP is 
still properly working.

We were using latest tag so far and decided to go to fraser to provide some 
feedback for the OPNFV forthcoming release.
The infrastructure has been deployed using XCI/bifrost scripts + Kolla 
installer (currently under integration in XCI) on bare metal.
The scenario corresponds to a basic os-nosdn-nofeature-ha scenario.

the results are perfect :)

|         TEST CASE          |     PROJECT      |         TIER        |     
DURATION     |     RESULT     |
|      connection_check      |     functest     |     healthcheck     |      
00:07       |      PASS      |
|         api_check          |     functest     |     healthcheck     |      
08:26       |      PASS      |
|     snaps_health_check     |     functest     |     healthcheck     |      
00:49       |      PASS      |

|          TEST CASE           |     PROJECT      |      TIER     |     
DURATION     |     RESULT     |
|          vping_ssh           |     functest     |     smoke     |      00:42  
     |      PASS      |
|        vping_userdata        |     functest     |     smoke     |      00:35  
     |      PASS      |
|     tempest_smoke_serial     |     functest     |     smoke     |      12:23  
     |      PASS      |
|         rally_sanity         |     functest     |     smoke     |      20:46  
     |      PASS      |
|       refstack_defcore       |     functest     |     smoke     |      06:53  
     |      PASS      |
|           patrole            |     functest     |     smoke     |      04:29  
     |      PASS      |
|         snaps_smoke          |     functest     |     smoke     |      50:18  
     |      PASS      |
|             odl              |     functest     |     smoke     |      00:00  
     |      SKIP      |
|         odl_netvirt          |     functest     |     smoke     |      00:00  
     |      SKIP      |
|        neutron_trunk         |     functest     |     smoke     |      00:00  
     |      SKIP      |

|      TEST CASE       |     PROJECT      |     TIER     |     DURATION     |   
  RESULT     |
|     cloudify_ims     |     functest     |     vnf      |      27:40       |   
   PASS      |
|     vyos_vrouter     |     functest     |     vnf      |      18:23       |   
   PASS      |
|       juju_epc       |     functest     |     vnf      |      51:17       |   
   PASS      |

Thanks to the functest and XCI team!
Tests will be run daily so we would report any issue if we are facing some but 
it looks pretty stable.
Unlike the traditionnal approach, we are running daily tests on a up&running 
infrastructure (we do not reinstall it systematically before launching the 
so it is connected somehow to the long duration test acctivities coordinated by 

The only issues we faced so far with latest version were due to the cleaning of 
the resources (shortages of floatting IPs)
This issue has been identified and will be addressed as far as I understood in 
Gambia release.
we run now a cleaning script after the tests to free some resources

As a conclusion, the Orange Onap OpenLab validates the Fraser scenario 
os-nosdn-nofeature-ha for XCI/Kolla with functest healthcheck/smoke/vnf 
(duration 3h and 20 minutes)
It could be interesting for us to add Yardstick daily tests...it is in the todo 



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