Hello Trevor,

I think the key issues have been already deeply explained many times for
more than 6 months.
The testing frameworks cannot be verified independently for many reasons:
  - no hardware resources
  - no referent platform (at least one OPNFV Queens installer is closed to
be fully verified)
  - no workflow process for test frameworks
  - etc...

Then OPNFV links by design all test frameworks to the Installer plannings
and then forbid to offer our releases.
And then we are forced to follow all models by checking our code in the
middle of deployment issues.

Only a part of Functest can be fully verified by unit tests.
Then we already apply the best delivery Technics for that package
(Xtesting) out of the classical OPNFV release milestones: pypi,
readthedocs, etc.

I don't understand why this topic is looping when prerequisites are clear
and unmet.
We do succeed by using virtual deployments (vnf?) and external CI/CD (we
require another Jenkins to host Functest Jenkins Jobs)..
>From the time being, Pharos and Releng are still installer-centric.


2018-08-08 1:12 GMT+02:00 Trevor Bramwell <tbramw...@linuxfoundation.org>:

> Hi all,
> Today me and Mark Beirel started a discussion during the release call[1]
> that I wanted to continue here regarding what the process could look
> like for releasing testing projects or testing tools in a continuous
> manner. (NFVBench, StorPerf, Yardstick, Functest, Bottlenecks, Dovetail,
> etc)
> This could also be seen as a continuation of the discussion we started
> at the Plugfest in France regarding gating in the CD process[2], but
> aimed specifically at the testing tools.
> The question I'm hoping we can collectively come to answer is:
>   What does a continuous release process look like for OPNFV test tools?
> As I don't work on a testing project myself, obviously I'm not the best
> one to answer this question, so instead of imposing my views on a
> process, I'd rather hear the thoughts from our community.
> I think by laying out some of the issues projects have with the current
> release process, and listing what a successful release process might
> look like to you will definitely help move this discussion in the right
> direction.
> Regards,
> Trevor Bramwell
> [1] http://meetbot.opnfv.org/meetings/opnfv-release/2018/
> opnfv-release.2018-08-07-14.01.log.html
> [2] https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/minum_test_sets_gating_cd

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