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Subject: CNTT-RI Proposal comments

Hi Mike,

I'm following-up with a few comments on the CNTT-RI proposal text.
(Manuel - some overlap with your comments on the Wiki page, Mike
and I discussed this set last night).

Working Top to bottom:

In the Detailed mission list:

Develop test-cases and tools for testing RI. These test cases and tools could 
be used by the compliance program for verification and compliance.

I understand there will be no CNTT-RI tool development,
so "and tools" should go...

As the Common NFVi initiative matures, project scope is expected to grow 
significantly. This project will periodically review scope and make 
recommendations to the TSC as to whether it should be split into multiple 
projects focusing on different areas, or whether it should remain a top level 
project of OPNFV.

The OPNFV project structure is flat; we have Working Groups that coordinate
across multiple projects, but this is a project like any other.
I suggest:
s/top-level project/single project/

In the Scope:

  *   Work with testing projects, provide test requirements and test cases for 
RI testing

This seems right, so this is why I suggest to remove "and tools"
from the Detailed Mission above, for consistency. No changes to this item.

At the end of the Scope, I suggest to add:

     OPNFV Testing Projects that are already looking to meet CNTT
     requirements with new features should continue to do so.

I suggest to add a heading
Proposed Meeting Frequency:

To save you a few minutes, I executed the changes after our brief
e-mail exchange.

thanks, and good luck as PTL,

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