Hi everyone,

Here come about four issues that we're seeing in some of our testing. 
I'll separate them so we can handle them in different threads, as some
of them are easier than others to deal with.  The first are two small

Currently there is a container in the model called
"support-information".  I propose simply to change this to "metainfo"
because "support" doesn't quite cover it.

Next, it is helpful to have some descriptive text about the device being
described.  I propose to add a "metainfo" element that contains a string
that describes the device in a non-normative fashion.  This text should
be considered somewhat carefully because if a Thing poots out a MUD URI
that points to a file that says "GE Refrigerator Model XYZ", for
instance, it could still be lying.  The only normative claim is the URI
itself.  In conjunction, therefore, with this addition, I propose to add
a security consideration around this text and to add an appropriate
forward reference.

Thus the changes to the model would be as follows:


       +--rw meta-information


       +--rw metainfo

And then:


           +--rw is-supported?        boolean


           +--rw is-supported?        boolean
           +--rw systeminfo?          string



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