Hi Ben and Kathleen, on References:
> >>>
> >>> -12: Are there really no normative references? The definition of a 
> >>> "normative
> >>> reference" is any reference needed to fully implement or _understand_ the
> >>> document. This is true for both informational and standards-track 
> >>> documents. Do
> >>> you think a reader can fully understand this document if they ignore every
> >>> reference?  (I'm willing to accept that the answer might be "yes" given 
> >>> the
> >>> nature of this draft--but that situation is rare in practice.)
> >>
> >> We'll think about this a bit more, thanks.
> >>>
> >>>
> >
> > To be clear, I’m perfectly happy if you decide that there really are
> no normative references; I just wanted to make sure it was thought
> about.
> OK, Al and I need to chat about this one still.

I gave this some thought, here's where I ended-up:

* The references certainly help with understanding, but none are *unique*
  sources of background information that the reader should consult,
  if necessary. The necessary background can be derived from many sources.

* There's no Normative text in the Informational Draft, so having Normative
  References doesn't seem a good match, to me.


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