Mark Nottingham and I had some extensive conversations about how to
handle the MUD URL.  The issue is was that Mark identified a potential
violation of a best practice in the way the URL was structured.  The
principles I seek to maintain are these:

  * The base MUD URL is formed solely by the Thing
  * It may be necessary in the future for the MUD controller to provide
    additional information to the MUD file server.
  * How that happens can be decided in the future, but we should be
    conservative in our approach to leave options opened.

Therefore, the result of the discussions is that we should permit a
normal HTTPS URI as a MUD URL, with all the associated semantics, with
the exception that queries for now will not be allowed.

At the same time, as we build out future work, we will hold discussions
with the Web/HTTP folk on the best way to proceed.  There are at least
two ways to tackle this in the future: an HTTP header, or some limited
use of the query component.  We needn't decide any of that today.

Is this okay with you?


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