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On 11.04.18 18:15, Robert Sparks wrote:
> With this, I'm puzzled about the use of the word standardized at all.
> I think I'm hearing that you expect MUD controllers to know about some
> well-known classes by convention and that groups like fairhair or
> someone else might make a list of classes that MUD controllers might
> collectively decide to build in knowledge of. Am I getting closer to
> the right picture? (This is opposed to a set of classes that are
> created by a standards action and listed in a registry somewhere).

I've attempted to clarify this language as we discussed.  On the point
of standardization, I've made a clean separation:

  * URNs: standardized (and therefore hopefully well documented)
    behaviors, such as DNS and NTP.
  * URIs that take the form of URLs.  These are just class names that
    the administrator has to fill out, or are otherwise somehow

I hope that this resolves any lingering confusion.

Thanks again for working to improve this document.  I really appreciate it!


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