Hi Joel,

> From what I can tell reading this, the value requires significantly more
> precision than "region".

As far as I can see, this document proposed a new aggregation parameter for 
IPFIX. So that the operators can get the traffic statistic from a new dimension.
Because "Flow information based on IP address or IP prefix may provide much too 
fine granularity for a large network. On the contrary, flow information based 
on AS number may be too coarse."
It sounds reasonable.


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> Thank you for that pointer.  It is informative.
> I looked at a number of the entries (trying to pick larger ISPs as more likely
> to need more information.) What i see is some ISPs doing what Randy Bush
> mentioned, marking regions.  I see a few ISPs that explicitly mark country
> (or in one case city).  I see some that mix several pieces of information
> including country in the same community, making it hard to perform what this
> I-D calls for (not impossible, just harder).  I do not see any indication
> of wide-spread consistency.
> It appears that this is of use to a few ISPs.  I have never argued that no
> one wants this (the authors would not have written it if no one wanted it.)
>  From what I can tell reading this, the value requires significantly more
> precision than "region".
> Also, one of the arguments for doing this in the router is that you can get
> more timely and precise correlation.  Except that for geolocation of address
> blocks, upstream correlation seems to be quite sufficiently stable and
> precise.  NLRI may come and go.  I fone has geo-information, it is unlikely
> to change.
> Yours,
> Joel
> On 4/15/18 12:09 PM, heasley wrote:
> > Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 02:52:43PM +0000, li zhenqiang:
> >> Why do you think this is unusual and not common?
> >
> > Possibly, with due respect, because he is not an operator?  While ASes
> > often do so internally, not all reveal it externally or not
> > ubiquitously.  Browse https://onestep.net/communities/ to find the geo
> tag values of various ASes.
> >
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