On 09/01/2010 02:28 PM, John Case wrote:
>> Also, afaik, zero people in the wild are actively running Tor with any
>> crypto accelerator. May be a very painful process... I'm not really
>> interested in documenting it unless its proven to scale by actual use.
>> I want this document to end up with tested and reproduced results
>> only. You know, Science. Not computerscience ;)
> There was a _very_ interesting, long and detailed discussion of this
> about 1 year ago on this list.
> I really do think some subset of that discussion should be included in
> your "lore", at the very least the parts pertaining to the built-in
> crypto acceleration included in recent sparc CPUs, which appear to be
> the only non-painful way to make this work.
> My impression was that a significant boost could be had by accelerating
> openssl using this on-chip features...

If you're using a fast CPU, it's almost not worth the trouble to bother
with hardware acceleration.

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