*NO H1 and need Face to Face after phone*

*Location      :       CA-California/La                  Face to Face
RequiredDuration      :      6+ Months *

*Job Description*

-Release engineering is often the integration hub for more complex software
development teams, sitting at the cross between development, product
management, quality assurance and other engineering efforts, also known as
-Release engineering teams are often cast in the role of gatekeepers (e.g.
at facebook, Google, Microsoft) for certain critical products where their
judgement forms a parallel line of responsibility and authority in relation
to production releases (pushes).
-Frequently, tracking of changes in a configuration management system or
revision control system is part of the domain of the release engineer. the
responsibility for creating and applying a version numbering scheme into
software—and tracking that number back to the specific source files to
which it applies often falls onto the release engineer. Producing or
improving automation in software production is usually a goal of the
release engineer.
-Gathering, tracking, and supplying all the tools that are required to
develop and build a particular piece of software may be a release
engineering task, in order to reliably reproduce or maintain software years
after its initial release to customers.
-While most software engineers, or software developers, do many or all of
the above as a course of their work, in larger organizations the specialty
of the release engineer can be applied to coordinate disparate source
trees, projects, teams, and components. This frees the developers to
implement features in the software and also frees the quality assurance
engineers to more broadly and deeply test the produced software.
-What manager wants: he someone to go in and provide continuous automation,
using tfs, aws, etc.
-This position will be sitting more on the development side as opposed to
the operations *side.    *
-*Looking for someone with solid background with tsf, automation and aws. *
-*This person will be more on the engineering side. *
-*This is more on the development as opposed to ops* side of it.
-Therefore wants someone who can merge code and build continuous
-Must have excellent business communication skills.

*Requirements: *

*-3+ years team foundation server build and release experience*
-*Must have experience with cloud technologies such as cloud foundry,
preferred aws*
-Improve automated deployments, monitoring, management and incident response
-Systems programming
-Experience in implementing continuous integration continuous delivery
(cicd) application or system
-Highly skilled in writing automation scripts
-Experience working with source code repositories
-Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
-Must possess excellent communication skills

*We are going through Prime/Preferred vendor for this position... *


Nikita Tyagi

(Technical Resource Specialist)
*RAMY Infotech Inc.*
...consulting redefined
*5201 Great America Parkway Suite 320**, Santa Clara*
Phone : 408-317-9256 x 312

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