Gilles Casse writes:
 > Hello,
 > This is good to read that the word peaceful suggests to you wind
 > chimes!

Hello Gilles,
Knowing little or nothing about Western classical music, I feel very
nervous about posting suggestions on this topic. But I recall that 30
yers ago when I left the States, a colleague gave me a set of records of
Mozart's lesser known works. Among them were a few pieces written by
Mozart for a maker of musical clocks. I have lost these records, but
perhaps somebody on the list can dig it out; they'd be probably not be
in the copyright domain and so usable for Oralux.

Another issue concerning "auditory icons": on the Emacspeak list I was
told that they can be used with a software synthesizer like flite only
if the sound card has multichannel capabilities. Will the Oralux icons
be subject to the same restrictions?

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