Hi, Doug,
        Thanks for those pointers.  I still have a few questions though.
        When I did the mount command for the USB CD_rom drive, it gave me 
a "Modprobe: Fatal ..... input/output error" message.  I tried it a couple 
of ways.  There didn't seem to be a /dev/cdrom1, but there was 
/dev/cdu535, which is what I attempted to mount.  I couldn't just do 
"mount /mnt/cdrom1"; it couldn't find /mnt/cdrom1 in fstab or mtab.  So I 
had to do "mount /dev/cdu535 /mnt/cdrom1 -t ext3", which is what gave me 
the fatal error.  Should I perhaps have used some other file type?  On a 
related note, how do I know what file-type to mount something as if I have 
to mount it that way?
        I also did the "apm -m" command, but it said "online, no system 
battery", both on and off AC power.  Is there something I'm missing?


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