Hi, Mike,
        There's also Nano, which is, in my opinion anyway, a little more 
user-friendly and speaks a good deal better than NE.  Here's my "word 
processing" regimen" for Oralux:
        If all I need is text, I just edit it with Nano.
        If I need to print it with a printer, I include the necessary HTML 
tags to produce the fonts and/or formatting that I want to accomplish.  I 
haven't found a program to automatically do this effectively in speakup 
yet, though I think emacspeak has a mode for doing HTML.  Then, when I 
want to print it, I use html2ps on the file to turn it ino a postscript 
document, then lp to print t.  Though I've learned there's also a2ps which 
I believe can basically put those last 2 steps together.
        If I'm dealing with a .doc file that someone has sent me, I run 
catdoc on it.
        Hope this was useful.


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