I tryed to use Orca into Ubuntu.

A strange problem happens every time when I turn on the Gnome that is I need
to restart the grafic interface to Orca starts correctly.

The procedure using control + alt + back-space it's not recomended, but It's
a simple solution that never causes any problem in my system.

It's interesting to observ that the terminal server presents in main menu
works well. But if you try to start's Xterm using alt+F2, you may not
receive a speack answer.

Orca can be configured to starts automaticaly. But it's needs, in my system,
this first grafic interface restart.

I dislike it cause it's too slow. It have a litle delay that maks the work
worry. Emacs are more fast.

I'm not using Linux to work, but I'm making some experiences.

Good look,


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