the way I understood it, is that you can run this from the cd if you wish, but I do want to install this, so you are saying that I shouldn't try just running it from the cd? I was under the impression that you could do it that way first. that you didn't actually install it.

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Hi, oralux will partition your disk,
but you will loose windows.
It is best to partition the disk,
install windows and then oralux or ubuntu.
  I haven't heard of any new version of oralux for some time,
and a system called adriane knoppix is suppose to be out soon from what I have heard. It sounds like it will be similar to oralux but more for new users of linux.
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Hello there everyone. I am currently downloading oralux as I am writing this. I do have one question though, as I will be extreemly new to this, but really want to learn, as I am slowly getting tired of windows, I have four sound cards in this machine. does anyone know what sound card oralux will pick when it loads? or is there a way of finding a way to tell it witch one to use? also, could I make a 2GB partition to load this onto and run it that way as apose to a cd? I have a 750GB drive in here, and have around 200GB left.

Jarrod Jicha

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