hey there everyone. was just wondering if anyone knows of an update coming? I 
want to install this, but can't as no install if available. I don't have a 
floppy drive, so can't do that. I have already made a primary partition on this 
machine. wich is around 11GB. so am ready to do, I know I have a lot to learn 
about lynux commands, but am wanting to try. I hate booting from cd, only cause 
if something happens to the cd, then it won't work. smile.  I have tried the 
feisty desktop cd, and like it, but not a lot works on it yet, and when you hit 
install? the speach goes bye bye.  I don't have someone here that I would trust 
to install lynux for me. that is for sure.  most of them know just enough with 
windows to be dangerous. smile.
any thoughts, suggestions?

Jarrod Jicha
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