Zachary Kline wrote:

I have a somewhat odd request--mostly as a consequence of my situation. I have been forced to run Oralux on a virtual machine, using VMware. I was wondering if anybody could provide me a recipe to strip down Oralux to a speech-enabled Debian install?

mhmm, i have tried to run it under Xen, up to now without success. You might install it as Debian using the knoppix installer. Afterwards it will not be speech enabled anymore, nevertheless all the stuff necessary for speech is still present. You have to figure out where the speech initialisation is done and start these scripts manually (AFAIK all of this is done in the knoppix specific portion of the installation).

Another option might be to install oralux as knoppix on some physical disk partition (again using the knoppix installer - this will retain the speech support) and then creating your virtual disk image from the physical installation.

Not much, but hopefully already helpful.

    (I can only use software speech at this point.)
I'd appreciate any info on what I'd need to do in order to accomplish this, once Oralux was on the virtual hard disk.


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