> I'm using a Compaq laptop I just bought a few days ago, and I'm trying to 
> pbut Oralux 0.7A on it.  ut when I run the CD, I get no sound, even if I do 
> "knoppix alsa or "knoppix oss" at the boot prompt.  Is there any way to 
> resolve this?  Also, I do have access to both an alva and a braillenote, but 
> only via USB.  Is there a way to tell the brltty to use that?
In such a situation, no sound, it would be worth to try a more up to date 
distro. Otherwise, you may try an external usb audio card.
I do not checked this, but if I remember well, the brltty release embedded in 
0.7 is usb compliant. 
The options might be supplied at boot time, or in the Oralux preferences menu, 
when you choose the port of the braille device.
At boot time, the expected syntax would be:
knoppix brltty=al,usb:,us
with a recent brltty these parameters are no more useful.

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