A great notice that is possible to use Gnome into portuguese under Ubuntu
Feisty - 7.4.

I guided my whife to install Ubuntu. When it's finished and I reboot my
computer, a signal indicates to me that was a time to guive my name and a
password. When ready and I hred a song, I just type alt + F2 and wrote orca.
Imediately it's starts to talk into portuguese and ask me some
configurations to do. After that I use many commands, acess menus and use
the terminal.

Some problems I didnt discovery how to resolve. One of that its I didnt
discovery how to acess te menu bar of a window. In Windows I make it typing
Alt, but its not work in orca.

Someting like to activate a hiperlink have no results too.

I'm using Windows, but it is witch counted days.

I like to try tis synt for speackUp and EmacSpeack. The synth used into
Ubuntu are good. Easy to anderstand.

One task I used sucessfully was the apt-get to download the Links browser.
But its not work well outside emacs.

Thanks to all,


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