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> I try to install the yasr and it's reads as well as I spected, but I like to
> change the voice for the portuguese IBM I purchased.

Hi Angelo,

Installing Yasr + IBM TTS is in principle possible because Yasr is
compliant with the emacspeak speech server.
There are several steps to follow written below. 
Best wishes,

In the following "scenario", IBM TTS is supposed to be already installed
on your desktop via Voxin.

* Firstly, install emacspeak. 
In principle, the debian installer helps to compile the speech server of
your choice.
If for some reason it fails or if you install a very recent emacspeak
tarball, the outloud server can be compiled "manually" in the
emacspeak/servers/linux-outloud directory.
In principle, the voxin-installer can help to automatically compile it.

finaly check that the outloud server works:

and type
tts_say hello

then type Control-D for quiting.

* copy the yasr.conf in your home directory
cp /etc/yasr/yasr.conf $HOME/.yasr.conf

* edit your .yasr.conf
Three variables might be checked or modified: "synthesizer",
"synthesizer port" and "rate":

synthesizer=emacspeak server

synthesizer port=|/usr/bin/tcl my_path/outloud

[Emacspeak server]

an example is just given for "synthesizer port":

my_path is the path which leads to the outloud server.
As a note: it seems that my_path must not be a too long string (sorry no
more precise info).

* finally just type yasr

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